Imagine what it would be like to multiply Your Energy Levels and Well-being in the next few months, and achieve it without relying on medications that only suppress symptoms of un-wellness?

What if you could massively decrease chronic low levels of inflammation in your body or brain? What if your joints didn’t hurt any more, in just a matter of weeks? What if you could heal your digestion….clear brain fog….lift the clouds of anxiety or depression, to get your high vibe back!

Vitality would skyrocket, you’d be able to increase your happiness, you’d feel secure that your health is on sound ground, you wouldn’t have to be worrying about symptoms anymore, you’d finally be able to enjoy your life.

A Total Wellness Program is for everyone who lives where there’s lots of stress, high work demands or family expectations. It’s a stressful lifestyle out there, and we have to get very smart, to eliminate symptoms and causes from the start!

At LIVING TOTAL WELLNESS, we, RADHA COHEN and YOGESH OSHER, have been studying and practicing for many years multiple disciplines in different continents (GESTALT PSYCHOTHERAPY, ORGANIZATIONAL COACHING, TRAUMA RECOVERY, LIFE & WELLNESS COACHING, DETOX & NATURAL WELLNESS THERAPIES, see under Contact Us) and created an exceptionally well tested Living Total Wellness Program that helped thousands of people, globally, to radically reduce, reverse and prevent the risk of disease at all levels.

Making a commitment to one of the Total Wellness Programs is an exercise in loving yourself! It might actually be the best thing that’s happened to you in a very long time. For sure it’s going to start you off with a positive mind and a healthier body to attract the very best of what you desire in life! And yes we want the very best for you for a fresh start.

Stop the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to regain your well-being and bring about proven, tested WELLNESS STRATEGY PLANS and tactics to work. When your focus is on optimising your health and wellbeing rather than just suppressing symptoms of unwellness-you might find that all other areas in your life will improve as well, your relationships, your finances, your work and your family too!


Here are the TOP TEN reasons you might want to tackle a significant Living Total Wellness Detox Retreat Program, instead of struggling in vain. Here is what our clients said happened to them:

  1. Increase in vitality and weight loss
  2. Higher energy, all day long and better sleep
  3. Increased resilience and ability to transform challenges into opportunities
  4. Clearer goals, direction, motivation and purpose in life
  5. Stress symptoms disappearing
  6. Mood stabilising, calming anxiety and overcoming depression
  7. Brain fog clearing, improved memory and sharper brain functions
  8. Better digestion, blood sugar stabilising
  9. Emotional eating and food cravings subsided
  10. Clear reduction of auto-immune symptoms

Join us here and don’t be surprised if you end up getting off the merry-go-round for good

Our wellness strategies have consistently proven to skyrocket overall well-being and eliminated chronic stress symptoms for thousands of our clients.

We’ve successfully deployed these strategies for over 100 different conditions and used these wellness methods to help people shift their life gears into full throttle to crush their symptoms into nothing.

Our clients have optimised their levels of energy, positivity and motivation with a natural, effortless flow of PERSONALIZED WELLNESS LIFESTYLE.

If you are looking for a bright, simple, flexible, and profound approach to your health and wellbeing, you are in the right place!



We will help you shift to a different level by providing a highly integrated power of learning, practice and experience!

Most wellness providers or coaches have it wrong! They focus on treatments for symptoms only and do not address the deeper causes. We are an integrated coaching service that is seeing you as a whole person not just as a body or mind. Below are the services we are renowned for:


We are dedicated to our work because we believe in your ability to become all that You Want To Be!

You will gain knowledge, skills and practices that will empower your life choices, support your transformation, increase your wellbeing and uplift your spirit.


Living Total Wellness means to walk a path of Knowledge and Practice that brings positive expansion and flow to all parts of Self, Relationships, and Interactions with others, and the world around you.

Living Total Wellness will lead you to achieve true fulfilment, joy, connections and the great opportunity to discover how to make the best out of your life!

The process is profound and straightforward, helping you to unfold inner strengths and a positive view of life that may be cultivated by anyone that wants to transform and enhance their well-being.

Living Total Wellness will set you up to achieve your Life Aspirations, Aligned Goals and True Purpose.

Aim high and clear. Don’t waste your life struggling with your self-limiting beliefs and challenges. Aim towards your most significant outcome, and Your ‘Self’ will be fully actualized through this unique activation process.

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