So many ways to see the term ‘Wellness’ by YOGESH OSHER

For some, adding Ginger, Blueberries, and Kale to the daily intake is being at the top of the Wellness Tower. But, that’s not what I call Wellness. Adding some exercise to the day, throwing in some turmeric and eliminating sugar, are nice steps indeed, but not yet really encompass the term Wellness.

Wellness starts from a deep place within — the place where, the ‘I’ the subject of this whole life, consciously knows the value of existence. Simply put it, I call this Positivity.

Positivity is the first gate to every successful operation, and this is certainly the case in building real Wellness. With positivity, you can discover that every challenge in your life is there to teach you something. Moreover, the capacity to overcome problems and the victorious achievement of our Life Goals, is essentially built-in within our being. Yes, we all need direction, guidance, some practical means, and some hard work, but the achievement of our goals is the outer expression of an inner capacity that is already here, now!

Therefore to recognize all those Inner Strengths that you innately have, is the first and most important aspect of wellness. Because this acknowledgment, this positive recognition, empowers you to take further steps that lead to a whole life Wellness experience.

Now, looking good in our own eyes or in the eyes of others, doesn’t necessarily mean Wellness either. Sometimes with many problems or even with illness, we may feel closer than ever to our true Wellness. In fact, real Wellness springs out of challenge and struggle. There are no shortcuts. The typically mediocre ‘all good’ experience usually hides many unresolved issues, and lurking disease.

Everyone, in a unique way, curries an innate sense of Wellness! Don’t be discouraged if you have some challenges or even long-term health problems. They hold the potential of being your friends and invite your inner strengths to prevail. Only thanks to your challenges you will be able to build your unique expression of true Wellness!

Therefore, Positivity is the first gate of what I call Total Wellness.

How do you perceive and experience Challenges?

The second gate to Wellness is about how do you experience life challenges. Do you see challenges as being a threat, something to be avoided, to escape from, a punishment, a chance of being ashamed by not meeting an expected ‘standard’, the fault of another person, or an opportunity to be seized?

What is most familiar in your inner world?

“ If things go wrong, it means I am punished; it means that I am bad.”

“When I experience difficulties I feel small, incapable, incompetent, ashamed, I want to hide away and avoid it.”

“If I am challenged it is unfair! I want to fight the situation, smash it to bits, and everyone else is wrong, bad, and at fault”.

“Reality is filled with Challenges, and I take it with two hands and do my best to overcome it. I know that overcoming it strengthens myself and others too !”

What do you choose?

Life certainly presents challenges, and the scope of how to meet them is a vast one! The spectrum of your choice remains locked behind a clouding veil of thoughts and feelings, without the awareness of how do you react to challenges in your inner thought and feelings. So what’s your alternative? What informs your choice? Is your choice coming from awareness or habit? What motivates you ?

Every day has a multitude of opportunities for you to discover the inner process you go through within yourself. If you are not happy with the situation, the self, the other, there may be something more for you to explore and discover. There may be a change behind the corner waiting for you, a shift in perspective. New possibilities can certainly bring fresh energy to your struggle in dealing with or overcoming the challenge itself, whatever that may be. In this way it’ s possible to experience positive results in the midst of difficulties.

Stay tuned in for more to come on this subject!


Relationship Coaching as a preventive practice:

Our Professional Coaching Services are critical at times of crises, but even more so, they are essential as preventive first and foremost therapy. Total Wellness Relationship Coaching can be very useful as a support to prevent Marriage breakdowns before they happen. It is much easier to resolve personal issues or misunderstandings among partners before the crises take hold.

For the sake of our relationships, it is important to remember that we live in times of rapid changes. We need to learn to manage our relationships and our partnerships by strengthening and updating our commitments to one another more often, to accommodate the changing needs of all people involved.

Don’t Wait Until Crisis Is Knocking At Your Door.

Many Relationships issues can be addressed in a way that mutually promotes satisfying outcomes, leading to improved communication and understanding. We also support to release and express blocked emotions, such as fear, frustration, disappointment or anger, as well as negative judgmental thoughts.

Coaching can help reveal and clarify the needs underlying dissatisfaction and emotional turmoil in a relationship, helping to better communicate one’s needs with respect for the other, and with consideration for one’s own and others Well-being.

Therefore commitment to the process is a crucial key to make positive changes and create better relationships by renewing understanding and love, and by learning new skills.

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