Guilt – A Block to Healthy Self-Care

Today I want to speak about getting rid of guilt and building self-care.

it is a big problem for many people and I know it can be challenging to overcome it.

In my case,

When I was a young man I worked in a very stressful environment, but I had a belief that I was not important enough to care for myself. So I allowed my work to run me down to the ground on every level, physical mental emotional and spiritual.

If You feel stressed and guilty because you can’t take enough care of yourself, not being able to say no and set boundaries, that is a common feeling, unfortunately.

Let me ask you, what if you got rid of the idea that taking care of yourself is wrong? What if you did put boundaries in place and made sure to take care of yourself? If you did you would regain the healthy sense of self and feel more self-esteem, you would be achieving more by doing less, and you would be able to give back with ease and joy.

But ‘How’ is the big question, I get this all the time!

And I sat you must do these Three things:

Activate your positive sense of self that gives you the freedom to put yourself first.
Connect with others who are doing the same things, no great achievement can be done alone! We are social beings and we need support. if we want to go beyond our limiting conditions we must reach out.

And when you just do these 123 then the guilt and stress is solved, it simply vanishes,

and life feels like a whole new level of freedom!

The work that needs to happen still happens but now it’s with ease and flow.

Guilt doesn’t get in the way of self-care, and stress is prevented from taking over. Now you are the BOSS you lead your life in a way that is good for you!

So fulfilling!

If you want to connect with a community and build this freedom from stress and guilt and find deeper fullfilment I invite you to connect with us join our group here:

I would love to see you there;)

On the group, we share and grow together with like-minded people on the path of
leading a wellness life.

To Wellness,

Talk Soon,


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