Do you Believe you can have Choice of Belief?

M. Scott Peck in his classic book ‘The Road Less Travelled’ says that everyone has a belief. Whether we know it or nor we have an underlying belief about life, ourselves, the world.

From my observations and experience, there are basically two fundamental belief systems today…

The first is that consciousness is born out of matter. That our individual minds, and therefore even collective consciousness are a product of evolved matter interactions and symbiosis. In this belief matter is the origin of everything and the more complex the matter becomes the greater our experience of mind is. That includes our emotions, perceptions, thoughts and consciousness. In this belief, consciousness is not only born out of matter, but it is also captivated in matter. Consciousness can only exist within matter and its evolutionary processes.

This means, in simple terms, that we are born with specific matter conditions (Body-Environment) and our whole personal character and even deepest longing or aspirations and enquiry are all a product of matter. We are just matter being experienced by matter. And no matter what we feel, think, do, or say we’ll go back to matter. Here things are pretty straight forward and are, you can say, Newtonian in nature, classical physics, a mechanical world and a mechanical self. We are caged in matter, work for matter, live for matter, treated by matter and die as matter.

The other core belief is that matter is born out of consciousness. Consciousness is the maker of matter in this belief. Not the other way around. Here the mystery still prevails but much scientific research is now coming to term and even prove that this belief is correct. For example, how can two particles be ‘entangled’ with each other when they are light-years distance apart from each other, and behave similarly or in a connected way? Or how can light be observed as a particle or wave at the same time?

These experiments scratch a very different world view than what we are given as ‘normal’ in schools, hospitals, tax offices and other common places we are all part of.

So, my point here is to open the question about what belief we adhere to. I wish not to convince you that one is better than the other, (even if I do think so) but to make you think about what really is your belief?

Because whatever we believe will dramatically shape the way we experience life.

In other words, you are right either way. And you know what, even if you haven’t ever thought about it in this way you still have a belief and its most likely one of these two, and it shapes your experience of living.

So check it out and ask yourself, is my belief the best belief for my life? Am I believing it because I truly believe in it? Or am I influenced by the beliefs and the ideas of others around me? If you go deep into questioning these two belief systems you’ll find a time-old debate that has no definite answer. So it is up to you to make your mind up.

Because it does make a difference.

The implications on personal, social, environmental, economic and global levels are profound and drastic, one way or the other. One implies connection and oneness, the other separation and loneliness. One implies meaning and fantasy, the other arbitrariness and cruelty. One implies freedom and eternity, the other implies prism and impermanence.

Now to some extent, you can see the truth in both, and falseness in both. So when choosing how to see, with what belief to view the world we need a choice that has rational thought as well as a heart and feeling.

You can choose to see the particle or the wave? The money or the purpose, the persona or the soul?

That doesn’t mean to deny the existence of the other but just to know that there is a better way to see things…

Once again the choice of a belief creates the experience of life.

So I invite you to take a step back,





And Love to live!

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