3 Things to Never Experience Overwhelm Again

People always say:

‘So much to do and not enough hours in the day’ And rush rush rush, always a fire to put off, and  never feels like the rat-race is coming to an end. Whatever you do is like you are never moving ahead!

Who? in our time and age have not felt this sense of overwhelm?

There is always a new idea to start on, and an old thing need to be finished. And so many responsibilities like Work, Community, Family to care for, house to clean, garden to weed or mow, it just goes on and on….

and some times it just feels too much!

Yes, I know how it feels. Heart palpitations, anxiousness that goes with you everywhere you go, edginess that comes from the existential fear of

‘what if it doesn’t work out?!’

‘How will l I survive a failure?!’

Sleep compromised because the mind just runs trying to figure out solutions to yet another new problem….. and so it goes on and on.

It is a terrible feeling of living on the edge of life every day!

The painful thought coming up ‘I am just not carved for it, I am just not good enough’

This underlying self damaging belief that ‘I am not good enough’ is actually the cause for all overwhelm.

Personally, even though I have experienced all of the above, today I don’t let this kind of feeling get to me anymore!

I am firm about it. Because I know it leads me to stress, anxiety, burnout and depression. So I am leading, my life and business with a different approach all together …

IMAGINE how it would be like  to live with the KNOWING of your own inner strength.

What if you can create a mindset and lifestyle shift that empowers you to live your life on your own terms and be the best version of yourself?

How would it be if you could feel accepted and valued by others just by being who you truly are.

So how to get to this point is the question.

There are three things you can do to accomplish this goal of self confidence and ease in your busy life:

1)Practice Boundaries, yes your self care boundaries. It’s not enough to think you are OK, or repeat an Affirmation I am good, I can do it, etc. There needs to be a clear Line of NO THIS IS NOT ON. This is firstly within our own mind. Firmly not accepting negative self-talk! That elevates 50% of your stress right away!

2)Know your personal signs of tiredness and give yourself a rest. This is the core of overwhelm not having enough rest. When things become too much there is a tendency to freak-out and start overdoing, BUT the solution is actually in the other direction! Take a step back look at the situation rationally NOT emotionally. And see what is not so important after all and what is important. Rest and plan well how to implement the steps to achieving what is important.

3)Updating Consciousness. You see, most of us have the feeling of I am not good enough because we got some childhood experience that gave us the message  ‘I am not good enough’. Going back to that experience and ‘changing the story’ is a must to get back the sense of worthiness.

If you can implement these three simple strategies you will never have the same experience of overwhelm and low self esteem.

Because, knowing your true strengths is a source of great confidence and power!

You no longer wait for other people to give you security, now you know your worth and your power! No longer overwhelm and self doubt.
     You are happy with who you are and your energy is high and you feel great!

If you want to speed-up the process and achieve this mind-set and lifestyle integration, we are here to help!

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To Your Vital Living!

Ciao for Now,

Yogesh Osher.