Build A Life Of Living Total Wellness

Imagine feeling your vitality soar, laughing with happiness, feeling secure that your health is on sound footing… every day. What if you really could fulfil those dreams of being able to ‘switch off’ and enjoy your life…?

Ask yourself, are you sick and tired of spending your money on treatments that really do not help you resolving the Root Causes of your problems?

STOP the stress and frustration of guessing how to regain your well-being.

Our tested Living Total Wellness Strategies have consistently eliminated chronic stress symptoms and dramatically improved the well-being  and the lifestyle for all our clients.

We’ve successfully deployed these strategies and used our wellness methods to help hundreds of people achieve dynamic and accomplished lives, professionally and personally.

Many of them have optimised their levels of energy, positivity and motivation with a natural, effortless flow through our PERSONALISED WELLNESS LIFESTYLE PROGRAM – no forced affirmations, no unrealistic expectations of extreme willpower. We can deliver, simply and effectively.

We guarantee the results.

Living Total Wellness Online Coaching Program

“Our ongoing Living Total Wellness Coaching Programme is a revolutionary approach, synergising cutting-edge methods to bring you the best results in the fastest way.”

— Radha Cohen Co-Founder of Living Total Wellness

Click below to watch a 45 min presentation that gives a new perspective about chronic stress and its symptoms. You will discover a more profound sense of life and self, and learn about the foundations of wellness.

The presentation sheds light on how to eliminate stress and create a lasting sustainable life of fulfilment and ease.

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Enhance Your Well-being Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally!

LIVING TOTAL WELLNESS Online Coaching Program gives you the opportunity to integrate health, happiness, and well-being, with all the support you need to achieve your goals, proficiently and effectively.

During this time  you will focus on your health and well-being, learning to integrate into your daily and weekly routine, a lifestyle and a diet protocol that empowers you to become the master of your health and wellness.

At the same time, the program will empower you to discover deeper meaning and renewd sense of purpose in your life, helping you to release old patterns of thoughts, emotions and actions, clearly envisioning your new goals in life, and a new motivation on how to manifest, step by step, your desired transformation on all different levels of health, work, family, and relationships.


The Personal Wellness Coaching Program, will help you:

  • Regain control over your life and health. You will discover the best version of yourself to become the energetic, inspirational and capable person you really can be!
  • Be empowered in yourself, your work, and your relationships. You will be able to relate sincerely and genuinely, with care and honour for yourself, in a way that attracts respect and love from others.
  • Know who you are. Connect with what is truly important for you.  You won’t waste years of futile searching, trying to find solutions where they do not exist. We will show you what we have learned the hard way, and save you all that effort.
  • Become the power keeper of your life! Metamorphose from old habits into a positive, beautiful new Aspirations and Goals.
  • Overcome chronic symptoms that undermine mood and thought patterns, dietary habits and healthy lifestyle. Let us show you cutting-edge solutions that will promote good nutrition, diet and lifestyle choices to optimize your energy, vitality and well-being.

People Synergy Company Assessment –

People Synergy Company Coaching Program

A Professional and Clear Assessment of Team Work, is an invaluable tool.

You can better see the in and outs of how your team works and operates, what are the strengths and weaknesses, and how you can evolve and improve for greater results and lasting success.

It is only by creating real People Synergy, that true results can be achieved with ease and harmony. When we better understand people, their needs, and the structures that promote high performance, daily operations become simpler, faster and by far more successful.

Your team is most likely the right team, but it probably needs to sharpen the right practices to achieve the highest performance.

People Synergy Company Assessment reveals ‘what you don’t know’ about your team, giving you directions to achieve maximum people synergy and results in your company.


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